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Elma Manisan, Filipina searching for a manName: Nene
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Sex: Female
Marital Status: Single
Nationality: Filipino
City: Tukuran
Country: Philippines

Searching for: a man as a friend, pen pal, date, partner, etc.

My interest: surfing the net, chatting with friends, beaches, walking, TV, music, karaoke or just staying home. Likes and Dislikes: I like honest and dislike dishonest.

Message: The person I am looking for: honest, serious, don't play game and caring.


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Filipino in Metro Manila seeks friendsNickname: "Gaz"
Birthday: September 19, 1985
Zodiac: Libra
Sex: Male
Status: Single
Nationality: Filipino

Looking for: Friends to share opportunities

My Interests: I'm new here in Metro Manila, and I'm looking for friends and buddies. I'm a professional, living by myself and by means I know. I'm independent, friendly and adventurous. I usually go out on week ends to watch movies and go shopping for things I need. I work full time and I also have another part time work that I enjoy where I get to meet other business oriented persons. I'd like to share time and opportunities with friends who might find my profile interesting. I'm a good friend to everyone. I deeply value trust and respect in a relationship. Don't hesitate to text or call, you might never know when an opportunity comes knocking at your doorstep.. it might be too late for you.. so never let it pass. Godspeed!

Contact Details: Email: | Mobile Phone: 09277878914

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Sameer looking for a real girl friendName: Sameer

Birth Day: November 23, 1980
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
Sex: Male
Marital status: Single
City of residence: Dubai
Nationality & Country : Pakistani / Pakistan

Searching for: A real girl friend

Message: I am interested to make friendship with a girl who cares me a lot and I do the same with her. I do not like a person who breaks heart. I believe that " The Beauty Of Life Does Not Depend On How Happy You Are But It Depends How Happy Others Can Be, Because Of You".

I am looking for a girl who makes friendship with me by her heart not with her mind because friends can be crucified by mind but they can not be crucified by heart!


Telephone: 00971504227924

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Filipina from Dumaguete City, Philippines, searching for a man for friend or pen pal.Name: Frencel O. Manzano

Birth Day: December 04, 1986
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
Sex: Female
Marital status: Single and available... I am searching
City of residence: Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, Philippines
Nationality: Filipina


I am searching for a man for friend, penpal, date also partner if we could be click. also any gender for friendship.

Message: My interest are reading books, writing to a friend, listening music, cooking, drawing, and sleeping. I don't like people who are judgmental and plastic...also arrogant and bad attitudes. I am searching for a nice person with a friendly atmosphere, a GOD fearing, as long as he is a good person. And everybody are welcome to be my friend, every culture also. Lets be friend :-)


My contact number +639052019272

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Apurba Rahaman looking for women for friendship or moreName: Apurba Rahaman
Zodiac sign: Virgo
Birth Day: September 20,1984
Marital status: Single
Sex: Male
Nationality: Bangladeshi
Present Location: Dhaka

Searching: Women for friendship or more.

Message: I think every single child is born as an angle. But times just change it. I think who doesnít show respect to others he or she has no right to get it. I also think every man and woman is good. I want to make friendship with them who are so confidents about them self. Iím so friendly.



Cell phone: 8801922900742

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Filipino searching for a woman friendName: Ram
Birthday: November 22, 1968
Sex: male
Civil Status: Single
Nationality: Filipino
Location: Living in the Philippines

Searching for a woman / female for friendship or maybe more

Message: I am a gentleman of a mature age, I just turned 40 last november. I have various interests; for instance: reading , writing , making friends and viewing documentary and action films. I am hoping to find a female friend here. I have to start with that, and if the it goes to another level of a relationship then so be it.


Email: | Cellphone: 09085411290

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Mixed race Filipina in London looking for penpalName: Melissa Joseph
Birthday: 12th July 1991
Zodiac sign: Cancer
Sex: Female

Marital status: Single
Nationality: Mixed Race: Philippines/Caribbean/Caucasian.

City or country of residence: London, United Kingdom

Looking for: Pen pal/Language Exchange/Friendship

About me: Friendly girl looking for language exchange and friend to tell me bout Philippines, my dad was Philippines but i have never met him so i want to learn about where i come from. I like to read, dance, sing, hang out with friends ^^

Email:  | Skype: Mimaru77               Melissa Picture 2

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Deaf mute man seeking a female friendName: Regie Arce
Birthday: November 02, 1985
Zodiac: Scorpio
Sex: Male
Nationality: Filipino

I am looking for female friend and hopefully a partner in the future. I am deaf mute but I am honest and trustworthy. I get along well with people here. They find me friendly and wacky and helpful. I like hanging out in facebook to meet new friends but I wanted more, something a bit serious and am hoping your website can give me that missing link. Thank you very much for your time hope you consider my profile.

Contact (FB/Mobile): / Cellphone # 0999-3307104 (Smart)     More Pictures of Regie Arce: 2 3

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Swiss national living in the Philippines looking for a life companion.Name: Hans Bartenstein

Nickname: Kubahans (I have lived some time in Cuba before coming to the Philippines)

Born: Zurich, Switzerland

Birthday: January 27, 1945.

Nationality: Swiss

Zodiac: Aquarius

Location: Ermita, Manila, Philippines


Looking for a life companion. Preferably she should be between 25 and 40 and not have too many children. She should be an honest person. She should also be attractive and not too small. Some
level of education would be an asset.


I am a male person and divorced. I have come to your country about 4 months ago and am currently residing in Manila. It is my intention to reside in your country for the rest of my life. I am looking for a female friend or -better said- for a life companion. Description of my person (Profile): My name is Hans. I was born and educated in Zurich, Switzerland. I completed law studies at the local university with a doctor's degree. I like to travel and languages. Therefore I have traveled throughout my life to a lot of countries and in some of them I have worked. I fluently speak and write several languages: Spanish, French and English. My mother tongue is German. Before I came to the Philippines I was living for almost 15 years in the Caribbean (Cuba, Dominican Republic) For various reasons - mainly the increasing delinquency in the Dominican Republic - I decided to leave this part of the world by the end of 2008. I have worked in the Dominican Republic as a legal/economic adviser and as a linguist. I decided to retire and spend the rest of my life in the Philippines. I smoke but I am not a chain smoker. I do not like to drink too much alcohol. I dislike lies and scams. I think that any kind of real relationship should mainly be based on mutual confidence and respect.


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